Guidelines for Charitable Activity by Employees in Their Individual Capacities

Date: 9/1/10

Issued by:  The LIRR Ethics Committee

  1. Purpose. These Guidelines, which replace the 9/14/05 LIRR Ethics Committee Guidelines, are directed to LIRR employees who wish to participate in charitable activities in their individual capacities. Adherence to these Guidelines by LIRR employees should ensure compliance with the MTA All-Agency Ethics Code (Ethics Code), applicable corporate policies and procedures, and applicable law. An employee who has any questions involving these Guidelines should contact the LIRR Ethics Officer for guidance in advance of engaging in the proposed activity.

  2. Scope. These Guidelines apply to any LIRR Employee who participates in a charitable activity in his or her individual capacity;

  3. Restrictions for Activity Conducted on LIRR Property. An LIRR employee may conduct a charitable activity such as a bake sale, book sale, Girl Scout or Boy Scout sale, or school promotion, provided that the activity:
  4. The activity must:

      1. Takes place during the employee’s lunch time/off duty hours only;
      2. Does not interfere in any way with the employee’s work responsibilities, as determined by the employee’s Department;
      3. Does not involve the use of any LIRR resources, including, but not limited, to LIRR computers, the LIRR email system, telephones, fax/copiers, LIRR letterhead or other stationery supplies, or any other LIRR property;
      4. Is approved in writing by the employee’s Department head or designee;
      5. Does not involve permitting on property a third party representative(s) or agent(s) of the organization sponsoring and/or benefiting from the employee’s activity;
      6. Complies with the Ethics Code, applicable corporate policies and procedures and applicable law;
      7. Is not disruptive to the employee’s Department or to the operations of the agency as a whole;
      8. Does not expose LIRR or any MTA Agency to potential liabilities and/or lawsuits arising out of accidents, injuries, etc.;
      9. Does not promote gambling.

  5. Additional Restrictions. An LIRR employee who conducts a charitable activity in his or her individual capacity, whether on LIRR property or off property, must also not:

    1. Use his or her LIRR title, position or authority to further such activity;
    2. Solicit a subordinate or Prohibited Source, as defined in the Ethics Code, for a financial or other contribution;
    3. Promote the activity, in any manner or form, with any reference to LIRR or any other MTA Agency.

    As to the conduct by LIRR employees of charitable activities which are held off LIRR premises, the promotion of these events, in whatever form, should not mention the name of LIRR or any other MTA Agency.